2003: Year of the Ram
From February 1st 2003

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Background to Chinese New Year.
Chinese New Year Traditions
From flowers to fireworks, symbolism explained.

The Lion Dance
The Story of Nian, the New Year Monster
Food for Chinese New Year
Good Luck Couplets
Red Packets
Fortune Sticks
New Year Taboos
Kitchen God
Door Gods
The Significance of Flowers
Lak Bak, Kicking off the New Year

The Year of the Ram
The significance of the Year of the Ram

You and the Year of the Ram
Your animal sign in the Year of the Ram.

What's On
A concise guide to public celebrations in UK Chinatowns

Virtual Fortune Sticks
A light-hearted look at what the New Year holds.

Reports and pictures from public celebrations in UK Chinatowns for the Years of the Horse (2002), Snake (2001), Dragon (2000) and Rabbit (1999).

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Chinese New Year Postcards
Send an internet greeting card for the Year of the Ram!.
Chinese Horoscopes
Find out your Chinese horoscope sign.

The Chinese Calendar
Comparison of Chinese and western calendar dates.
Make Your Own Red Packet
Fun activity for children, young and old.

Make Your Own New Year Couplets
Another educational activity.
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